Ecommerce Solution

YMX is professional to assist with your company’s small package delivery needs. We offer worldwide courier service with our own courier consol to reclaim efficiency and costs on behalf of our customers.We have the experience and skills necessary to assist Client to develop Ecommerce solution. YMX has a strong IT system which already connect with the global database and post in different countries. We can provide real time data to customers to support their business development. 

Other than international Ecommerce logistics, YMX can also provide Hong Kong local ecommerce logistics. We have own pick up point and delivery team to support our local delivery service.

In order to match our client requirement, YMX also can provide value-added service for ecommerce logistics such as special pick and pack service and delivery service.

With YMX Express, clients know exactly what to expect – professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results for developing global ecommerce market.

Want to know how YMX can help your business?

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